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GASGEN offers a complete range of compressors for the most varied uses, from industry to hospitals. Besides feeding Nitrogen and Oxygen on-site generators, AIR COMPRESSORS are widely used also to meet the needs of equipment and process instrumentation, for controlling and regulating utilities, as a driving force and for operating pneumatic tools. LUBRICATED SCREW technologies, fixed or variable speed, and SCROLL guarantee continuous air compression in an infinite repetitive compression process that guarantees a flow of compressed air at low pulsation. The low number of moving components and the use of HIGH QUALITY materials also represent a guarantee of safety and reliability of use throughout the life of our RS, RSF and SL compressors Series.

RS SERIES - Lubricated screw compressors

Lubricated screw compressors RS Series by GASGEN are the most modern and economical way to generate compressed air. With their asymmetrical profile and a range from 3 to 355 kW (variable speed control on request), RS series screw compressors are designed for intensive use, with an eye to COST EFFICIENCY and RELIABILITY . Optimized design, high QUALITY components and maximum flexibility, according to our engineering vocation, make RS Series compressors the best choice to satisfy all your needs of compressed air.

Screw air compressors

RSF SERIES - Variable speed compressors

All variable speed compressors RSF Series can be adjusted flexibly and automatically to the instantaneous pressure, both in terms of pressure and free air delivery. In this way, the compressor always provides the maximum free air delivery in the set pressure range 6-10 bar, respecting the speed and load limits of the motor. If the pressure drops due to high air consumption, the Reflex function increases the flow rate in order to increase the air flow rate. To guarantee maximum reliability and durability, the INVERTER is protected and separated from the air supply.

Variable speed air compressors

SL SERIES – Oil-free scroll compressors

Excluding any risk of oil contamination, the oil-free scroll compressors SL Series by GASGEN are specially suited to applications with high requirements for PURE AIR. E.g. in healthcare domain as well as in food production, electronics manufacturing or the pharmaceutical industry, the quality of compressed air is of great importance. In all these cases, the oil-free scroll compressors SL Series are the best proposal, guaranteing 100% OIL-FREE compressed air, high reliability and low operating and maintenance costs. Scroll compressors SL Series can also be coupled in a same system with two, three or four independently working units and they are also suitable for operating in control workplace environment, with a NOISE LEVEL FROM 52 dB(A).

oil-free air compressors

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