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Nitrogen generators are a simple and smart solution to save money, improve efficiency and take full control of your nitrogen supply. GASGEN offer a complete line of modular, robust and reliable generators based on Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology. Since NITROGEN is a fundamental element of production for a wide range of applications, it is also a significant cost component. Our NITROGAS® generators produce high purity Nitrogen from simple compressed air, allowing continuous availability at competitive costs compared to traditional supplies such as high pressure cylinders or cryogenic tanks. The high quality and standardized production allow short delivery times and competitive costs, the innovative industry standard 4.0 allows full control of all process parameters.

Start producing your own nitrogen and increase your PRODUCTIVITY, SUSTAINABILITY and SAVINGS


AUTONOMY: no long-term rentals and commitments with gas suppliers
SAVING: up to 90% operating costs decrease
RELIABILITY: Nitrogen whenever, wherever and however at the required purity
SAFETY: no cryogenic tanks, high pressures cylinders or bundles to handle
SIMPLICITY: smart, simple and automatic systems
ENVIRONMENT: drastically reduce your carbon footprint, no GHGs emission
MODULARITY: modular design allows installation of multiple expansion units
EASY TO INSTALL: compact size allows quick easy installation

NITROGAS LAB nitrogen generator


Nitrogen Generators for laboratory
NITROGAS NG Modular nitrogen generator


Modular Nitrogen PSA generators
NITROGAS TT nitrogen generators


Twin Tower Nitrogen PSA generators
High pressure Nitrogen booster


High pressure nitrogen booster

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