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Oxygen generators are a simple and smart solution to save money, to improve efficiency and to take full control of your Oxygen supplying process. Since OXYGEN is a fundamental element of production in several domains, it is also a significant cost component. But if you can produce it directly at your factory, why don’t rather consider Oxygen as a source of increased productivity, sustainability and saving?
Different applications requires different Oxygen generators, because of specific purity, flow rate, pressure and certification. GASGEN has therefore conceived three different OXYGAS® Oxygen generators series.


AUTONOMY: no long-term rentals and commitments with gas suppliers
ENVIRONMENT: drastically reduce your carbon footprint, no GHGs emission
RELIABILITY: Oxygen whenever, wherever and however at the required purity
SAFETY: no cryogenic tanks, high pressures cylinders or bundles to handle
SAVING: up to 70% operating costs decrease
SIMPLICITY: smart, simple and automatic systems



Modular Oxygen PSA generators
Twin tower oxygen generator


Twin Tower Oxygen PSA generators

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