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The use of technical gases in LIQUID or GASEOUS state is very common in many industrial processes and it interests several process plants. From the primary source (i.e. cryogenic tank, high pressure cylinders or on-site generators), technical gases have to be reduced in pressure, controlled in flow rate, measured and analysed, then eventually mixed with other gases before reaching utilisation points. All these operations are obviously functions of the specific domain and of the peculiar process using technical gases.

As a result of a solid experience in the domain of technical gases, GASGEN is at your disposal for the design, engineering and production of PROCESS PLANTS USING TECHNICAL GASES for specific industrial process applications. Since each application has particular requirements and constraints, process plants of this type cannot be standardized and they always require a closed interaction with the final user. Let’s contact one of our consultants for more information.


• MIXERS for a variety of technical applications (e.g. Hydrogen and Nitrogen mixers for heat treatment of metal)
• OXY-FUEL COMBUSTION PLANTS: use of Oxygen instead of air within aluminium, cast iron, glass or ceramics melting furnaces to boost the melting process, reduce combustible consumption and NOX emissions
• SOLVENT RECOVERY PLANTS: use of liquid Nitrogen to condense, freeze and remove VOC vapours. After removal, the plant returns a clean process gas stream conform to environmental legislation, which is now dischargeable into the atmosphere

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